A depiction is...

Discovering Opportunities
Bring data, reports and spreadsheets to life—find new patterns by seeing your data in its real-world context.
Exploring Alternatives
Make better location-based decisions, like resource management, site selection, routing and more by immediately seeing the implications of your choices.
Scenario Planning
In minutes, explore both real and hypothetical scenarios by simply dragging and dropping routes, floods, explosions, key resources, blocked roads, and more.
Shared Awareness
Watch as position, status and other reports appear on screen—in near-real-time from anywhere in the world—sent by other Depiction users, smartphones, or even simple email.
Clutter-free Insights
Trigger ideas and uncover relationships by combining maps, images, spreadsheets, even GIS data and simulations, without getting lost in overlapping layers.
Visual Logistics
Plot the "where and how" of your plans, goals and activities in a virtual environment, seeing possibilities and consequences as they arise.

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